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Liechtenstein finance sector implementing sanctions against Russia

The Liechtenstein Bankers Association and the Liechtenstein Institute of Professional Trustees and Fiduciaries have pledged their full support to the authorities in implementing the sanctions levied against Russia. The organizations play a key role as intermediary bodies within the Liechtenstein finance sector. The Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) and the Liechtenstein Institute of Professional Trustees and Fiduciaries (THK), headquartered in Vaduz, have pledged their full support to the government and authorities in implementing the sanctions imposed on Russia. As the most important and largest associations of the Liechtenstein finance sector, the LBA and THK are aware of their responsibility and key role in the enforcement of sanctions, they explain as part of a joint statement. «We recognize the central role of financial intermediaries with regard to the sanctions imposed worldwide and assure the Liechtenstein government of our full support in the consistent implementation and application of these sanctions», the statement reads. As such, the LBA and THK are maintaining regular contact with the competent authorities and the government’s crisis team. Moreover, the organizations «vigorously» condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the joint statement, expressing their hope for a swift end to the war and a «return to dialogue and diplomacy» as well.    

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Liechtenstein alliance committed to sustainability

The Liechtenstein Bankers Association, the Association of Liechtenstein Charitable Foundations and Trusts, and the SDG Alliance Liechtenstein are working together toward the UN’s sustainability goals with immediate effect. The partners hope to more effectively support the 17 goals.

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Top rating for Liechtenstein confirmed

Standard & Poor’s has again awarded its top rating of AAA and a stable outlook to Liechtenstein. The decision was based on the Principality’s stable budget, high financial reserves and positive income situation.


Financial center stands the test of coronavirus crisis

Liechtenstein’s banking industry as well as the entire finance sector have survived the coronavirus crisis well to date. The Financial Stability Report by the Financial Market Authority shows that while client assets under management have fallen, profitability and capitalization have increased.


Asset management maintains growth course

As at the end of June 2020, 106 companies were active in the area of asset management in Liechtenstein. When compared with 2019, the total number is therefore unchanged. However, the sector has secured new money inflow of around 1.1 billion Swiss francs.


Digitalization in the world of finance

Those attending the second conference on “Digitalization and Law” at the University of Liechtenstein focused on the role of digitalization. Topics under discussion included blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and the tokenization of industrial goods.


PrismaLife strategy guided by sustainability

The climate researcher Anders Levermann and PrismaLife CEO Holger Beitz will come together at the Finance Forum Liechtenstein in Vaduz on 1 September. They will discuss the extent to which sustainable capital investment plays a role in climate protection.