In an attractive business location with a strong financial centre, active involvement in new technologies and the identification of new solutions is part of our day-to-day business. Innovation and growth form a symbiosis.

In Liechtenstein, private innovation is promoted through a unique public innovation framework whose structures, processes and services are continuously developed and optimised. This also includes the foundations for a digital financial centre.

Liechtenstein was the first country in the world to adopt and enact comprehensive regulation for blockchain technology within the meaning of the token economy. As a “first mover”, Liechtenstein was consequently the first country to have comprehensive regulation in place for this new technology, as the basis of an internet of values and the digital economy.

Liechtenstein asset management banks among the best

The annual TOPS wealth manager rating by FUCHS | RICHTER PRÜFINSTANZ shows which banks and wealth managers in the DACH and Liechtenstein region offer their clients the highest quality advice and best investment proposals. This year, four Liechtenstein institutions are among the top 12.


Liechtenstein financial sector becoming more transparent

Liechtenstein has made up ground in the Financial Secrecy Index. The Principality’s financial sector ranks in 54th place, well behind those countries that the UK-based Tax Justice Network classifies as the world’s worst tax havens. The USA and Switzerland lead the way in the index. Luxembourg is ranked in 5th place.