Thinking in generations through legal certainty and a high level of political and economic stability
Thinking in generations through strict application of internationally recognised legal and tax standards
Thinking in generations through simple and easy-to-understand financial services
Thinking in generations through legal certainty and a high level of political and economic stability

LGT impact fund met with five-fold oversubscription

LGT Private Banking launched its impact investment fund in May. After oversubscription five times the target size, the Lightrock Evergreen Fund has now closed fundraising with a volume of 900 million US dollars. LGT clients and staff were able to invest in it.

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stability & security

Independent, stable, and liberal sovereignty in combination with sound and frugal financial policies are the success factors that are supporting the Liechtenstein business and financial centre through the current coronavirus crisis.

Financial Centre


The Liechtenstein banking centre stands for quality, stability and sustainability. Liechtenstein’s banks are amongst the best capitalised financial institutions in the world and focus on private banking and wealth management.

Fiduciary companies

The Liechtenstein fiduciary sector has decades of experience in providing asset management services of the highest standard. With integrity and trust, fiduciaries secure assets for generations.

Asset management companies

By providing advice and support in a spirit of partnership, asset managers ensure that their clients’ assets are invested in accordance with their specific needs and requirements. In doing so, they draw upon an extensive network of banks, investment fund companies and fiduciaries in Liechtenstein.

Investment fund companies

Liechtenstein’s ambitious investment fund centre offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to setting up funds. On an international comparison it stands out positively with its swift licensing procedures and moderate start-up, administrative and supervisory costs.

Insurance companies

Liechtenstein is a diversified insurance centre. Insurers realise the locational advantages with a broad range of competitive and Europe-compliant products.


Liechtenstein lawyers are reliable partners for their clients when it comes to legal transactions of all kinds.


In a complex and dynamic environment, auditing plays an important safeguarding role for the economy as a whole. This creates trust and confidence amongst capital lenders, clients, suppliers, employees and the public in general.

Common-benefit foundations and trusts

Within Europe, Liechtenstein foundation law is considered “state of the art”. In recent years, Liechtenstein has developed into a philanthropy centre at the heart of Europe.


There are persistent rumours and myths around Liechtenstein and its Financial Centre. It’s high time to put an end to these preconceptions
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Myth: The Prince rules over Liechtenstein!

Liechtenstein is a hereditary monarchy based on democratic parliamentary principles. Voters elect Parliament and the Government, which govern the country together with the Prince.
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Myth: Liechtenstein is conservative!

No national debt, a moderate tax burden and political stability safeguard a successful society. Liechtenstein responsibly safeguards its political and social achievements so that future generations can also benefit from these.
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Myth: You don’t pay taxes in Liechtenstein!

One of the main pillars of success for Liechtenstein is moderate taxation for citizens and companies. The moderate tax rates pay off in a highly innovative economy and a satisfied population.
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Myth: Liechtenstein gets its wealth only from its Financial Centre!

Liechtenstein has one of the highest corporate densities in the world. Industry and commerce account for 43 percent of Liechtenstein’s gross output, making it an export-oriented industrialised nation.
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Myth: Liechtenstein evades international regulations!

Due to the Monetary and Customs Treaty, Liechtenstein’s legislation is consistent with that of Switzerland. Liechtenstein has also been a member of the European Economic Area EEA since 1995, meaning that it applies the same strict regulations as all other EU states.
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Myth: Liechtenstein is reluctant to adopt financial market regulations!

As an early adopter, Liechtenstein is committed to implementing OECD standards on transparency and the exchange of information in tax matters at an early stage, and has an explicit clean money strategy. Liechtenstein plays a leading role in efforts to achieve compliant financial market regulations.
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Myth: The Liechtenstein Financial Centre consists only of bankers and trustees!

Liechtenstein has a diversified Financial Centre with trust companies, banks, asset managers, investment fund providers, insurers, auditors and lawyers.
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Myth: The participants in Liechtenstein’s Financial Centre hoard foreign money!

The assets invested in Liechtenstein are reinvested worldwide and in a sustainable manner.
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Myth: Liechtenstein is not a real country!

The independent small state of Liechtenstein is a member of the UN, the WTO, the EFTA, the Council of Europe as well as the European Economic Area EEA. In addition, with the Customs and Monetary Union, the country is also closely tied to Switzerland and its currency is the Swiss franc.
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Myth: Liechtenstein benefits from its neighbouring countries!

Liechtenstein and its neighbouring countries benefit from each other. Liechtenstein benefits from the infrastructure of its neighbours, which for their part benefit from cross-border commuters who contribute towards the purchasing power of neighbouring countries.
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Myth: The Liechtenstein Financial Centre is not supervised!

Liechtenstein has an independent and internationally-recognised Financial Market Authority that is embedded in the Europe-wide supervisory system within the EEA. All stakeholders are strictly supervised in order to protect clients and the Financial Centre.