Fiduciary companies in Liechtenstein

The Liechtenstein fiduciary sector has decades of experience in providing asset management services of the highest standard. With integrity and trust, fiduciaries secure assets for generations.

Setting up companies, legal entities and trusts, assumption of management mandates, proposals for solutions for succession planning, securing assets for future generations, protecting assets from geopolitical risks, minimising liability risks, etc. These are just some of the tasks that Liechtenstein trustees are entrusted by their clients in their role as advisors in various fields of asset preservation and asset structuring. Liechtenstein company law, in conjunction with stable economic and political operating conditions, offers fiduciaries an ideal basis for establishing sustainable and attractive structures. The Liechtenstein fiduciary sector has decades of experience of asset services of the highest standard. It has extensive networks of contacts and offers its services to clients around the world.

Fiduciary essential in Liechtenstein

Fiduciaries also provide a variety of services for commercially active companies, in addition to setting these up: They handle the bookkeeping and the annual accounts, do the payroll accounting and act as auditors. In today’s complex international environment, prudent and compliant tax planning is becoming increasingly important.  For internationally active clients, in particular, it is important to harmonise the various tax legislations in such a way that no multiple taxation arises.

At the end of 2023, 135 fiduciaries and 214 trust companies were licensed in Liechtenstein as fiduciaries or trust companies respectively, and collectively employed around 2,500 people. These Liechtenstein fiduciaries support companies such as foundations, establishments, trusts, companies limited by shares and other legal forms.

Particularly in times of global financial crises and government debt, Liechtenstein has proven to be a stable, reliable and efficient operator on the international market. The development of the financial centre into a comprehensive asset centre is particularly attractive for asset structuring, family offices, private banking, life insurance solutions, specialised investment funds, philanthropy and common-benefit foundations, as well as for the storage of highly-sensitive data or physical assets such as precious metals, art and important documents.

Fiduciary and Financial Market Authority

With their high level of competence and broad expertise, Liechtenstein fiduciaries are available to their clients as specialists to answer financial and economic questions of all kinds. In Liechtenstein, professional fiduciaries need to obtain a licence from the Financial Market Authority (FMA). This licence is only granted to individuals who have acquired the necessary knowledge through several years of qualified practice in the fiduciary field and have successfully passed the examination required by law.