Insurance companies

Liechtenstein is a diversified insurance centre. Insurers realise the locational advantages with a broad range of competitive and Europe-compliant products.

Insurance companies in Liechtenstein

32 insurance companies are active in Liechtenstein. These operate above all in the fields of life, although also in the fields of non-life insurance and re-insurance. Life insurers have a strong retail business and in additional to innovative risk insurance also offer fund-linked and unit-linked pension solutions as well as investment products for high net-worth private clients. Liechtenstein’s non-life insurers predominantly serve the needs of local and international business and corporate clients. Some specialise in international and and speciality insurance programs. Others focus on accident and sickness products tailored to specific market segments; accident and sickness products can be offered by Life and Non-Life insurers.

At the end of 2023 the balance sheet total of the insurance companies in Liechtenstein amounted to CHF 24.3 billion. They recorded gross premiums worth CHF 5.74 billion and invested capital totalling CHF 20.9 billion.

Advantages of insurance companies in Liechtenstein

In addition to direct market access to the EU region, insurers in Liechtenstein also profit from the direct insurance treaty with Switzerland. They are able to distribute insurance solutions from Liechtenstein, and can bring these into line with the laws of the respective target markets. The ideal operating conditions offered by Liechtenstein as a place to do business help the development of innovative products and new marketing strategies.

Captives, in-house corporate insurers, also benefit from this locational advantage. Liechtenstein-based captives can insure the subsidiaries and branch offices of their parent companies not just in Switzerland, but also throughout the EEA. These Europe-compliant, innovative and flexible insurance solutions, which are tailored to the legal and tax statutory provisions of the target markets, have contributed significantly towards the success and growth of the insurance market in Liechtenstein.