Thinking in generations through legal certainty and a high level of political and economic stability
Thinking in generations through strict application of internationally recognised legal and tax standards
Thinking in generations through simple and easy-to-understand financial services
Thinking in generations through legal certainty and a high level of political and economic stability

Liechtenstein posts budget surplus

The public sector in Liechtenstein generated a budget surplus of just under 177 million Swiss francs in 2021. Both income and expenditure were down on the prior year. Government spending amounted to 22.6 percent of GDP.

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Financial market risks are low for Liechtenstein

The Liechtenstein financial market is developing in positive fashion despite the recent turbulence in the North American and Swiss banking sectors. This is the conclusion reached by the committee responsible for monitoring and strengthening financial market stability in Liechtenstein.

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F+W Forum: Fintech 2023

Sind Schweizer Start-ups, Banken und Versicherungen in der Lage, Trends gemeinsam proaktiv zu nutzen? Wird sich das Fintech-Ökosystem als Enabler wichtiger Transformationen beweisen können?

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stability & security

Stability and security – the pillars of prosperity and growth

The Principality of Liechtenstein, the Alpine monarchy in the heart of Europe, has managed to develop into a modern, broadly diversified business location during its 300-year history.

The customs treaty with Switzerland and membership in the EEA, political continuity without national debt, legal security as well as a liberal economic policy guarantee the most stable framework conditions for economic and financial centre actors.
This is also reflected in the country rating of the internationally renowned rating agency Standard & Poor’s, which awarded Liechtenstein the top rating «Triple-A with stable outlook».

Financial Centre


The Liechtenstein banking centre stands for quality, stability and sustainability. Liechtenstein’s banks are amongst the best capitalised financial institutions in the world and focus on private banking and wealth management.

Fiduciary companies

The Liechtenstein fiduciary sector has decades of experience in providing asset management services of the highest standard. With integrity and trust, fiduciaries secure assets for generations.

Asset management companies

By providing advice and support in a spirit of partnership, asset managers ensure that their clients’ assets are invested in accordance with their specific needs and requirements. In doing so, they draw upon an extensive network of banks, investment fund companies and fiduciaries in Liechtenstein.

Investment fund companies

Liechtenstein’s ambitious investment fund centre offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to setting up funds. On an international comparison it stands out positively with its swift licensing procedures and moderate start-up, administrative and supervisory costs.

Insurance companies

Liechtenstein is a diversified insurance centre. Insurers realise the locational advantages with a broad range of competitive and Europe-compliant products.


Liechtenstein lawyers are reliable partners for their clients when it comes to legal transactions of all kinds.


In a complex and dynamic environment, auditing plays an important safeguarding role for the economy as a whole. This creates trust and confidence amongst capital lenders, clients, suppliers, employees and the public in general.

Common-benefit foundations and trusts

Within Europe, Liechtenstein foundation law is considered “state of the art”. In recent years, Liechtenstein has developed into a philanthropy centre at the heart of Europe.

Global Financial Centres Index

Your vote for the Liechtenstein financial centre – take part in the survey on the evaluation of international financial centres.

The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) is a ranking of the competitiveness of the world’s major financial centres The Global Financial Centres Index is published bi-annually by Z/Yen Group, the City of London’s most respected private think tank. Using defined measurement criteria and an international online survey, profiles, ratings and rankings are compiled for over 100 financial centres.

Since its launch in 2007, the index has established itself as a highly regarded indicator of the attractiveness of financial centres.

Do you know the Liechtenstein financial centre? Then share your experience of Liechtenstein in the GFCI online survey: GFCI Questionnaire (