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FMA reports financial sector on good course

The Liechtenstein financial center has maintained its growth path in the second year of the pandemic. The Financial Market Authority (FMA) reported on this in its 2021 annual report. In dealing with the war in Ukraine, the FMA attested that market players had acted appropriately.

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Liechtenstein’s banks support refugees

The three large Liechtenstein banks are providing refugees from Ukraine with a fee-free account connection until further notice. With this free access to banking, they are helping persons from Ukraine with protection status “S” cope with their daily lives in Liechtenstein as quickly as possible.

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LGT makes commitment to sustainability

The LGT Group has signed up to the UN Principles for Responsible Banking. The banking group under the ownership of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein is seeking to fulfil its responsibilities with regard to ensuring the sustainability of the financial sector.


Finance sector is crisis resistant

The Financial Stability Council has attested that Liechtenstein’s finance sector has fared comparatively well in the pandemic so far. The employment market has also maintained stability. However, action needs to be taken as regards the high level of private debt.